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WinLab 11 AI is HR and payroll software that integrates HR, payroll, talent management, and workforce planning capabilities into a single system

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Winlab 11 is a payroll and human resources software that incorporates automated tasks and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, a feature that utilizes AI and machine learning to automate various HR and payroll processes and enhance decision-making. It pursues and facilitates the use by them of the telematic advances that have been introduced by the goberment offices such R.E.D., Delt@, Contrat@, or A.E.A.T. filing.

Client/Server Technology. AI powered with high grade atomatization.

The new version 11 suports free or open source databases like MS SQL Server or can be conected with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web services, Google databases and eny other complatible system. Power, security, speed and control are the fundamental advantages of this database. Another important factor is the software´s ability to be used simultaneously by an unlimited number of users and even to be accessed remotely.


Winlab is praised for its extensive functionality, scalability, and integration capabilities. It has gained recognition for its strong global payroll management and talent management modules.

WinLab, with over 150,000 installations, is widely recognized as the leading labor management product for professional offices and medium/large companies. It eliminates the need for manual data entry and cumbersome calculations, reports, and manual settlements. Unlike other programs that lack the flexibility to handle special circumstances in the labor sector, WinLab's unique characteristics make it highly configurable and adaptable to both labor consultancies and companies. It seamlessly incorporates updates to comply with current labor legislation, while still allowing users to modify or create new data tables as needed. WinLab also features assistants that ensure complex processes are executed accurately, reducing the risk of erroneous data entry. Additionally, users have the freedom to access and modify previously calculated payrolls at any time, eliminating the need for time-consuming monthly or annual closing procedures.apabilities offered, their alignment with your organization's needs, and the potential benefits they can bring to your HR and payroll processes.

We pioneered the development of such applications for Windows 1/2/3.X (16-bit). And later, with Windows 95, we launched our 32-bit product range that would evolve into .NET technology.

All these processes and changes have been completely transparent to the user, who has been updating automatically without noticing changes or undergoing cumbersome installations.

WinLab Server: WinLab online

It is an Internet gateway that allows you to offer a real virtual consultancy service without the need for any installation at your client´s home. The reception of incidents in the professional office, the sending of contracts, extensions, payrolls and, in general, any document generated by WinLab is done automatically and instantaneously so that the client receives the documentation in real time and with the utmost security.

Special agricultural, artists and seafarers schemes

The programme incorporates these two types of contribution schemes as additional modules which, due to their specific characteristics, have their own modules for implementation in WinLab. These are add-ons that can be installed at any time and complement the management exclusively for those users who require their use.



New employees

Manage the registration, deregistration and change of characteristics of workers and send them, individually or in bulk, directly to SILTRA for processing.



benefits to employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses, covering medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages. Compliance with worker's compensation laws and regulations is crucial to protect both employees and employers.



Minimum wage and compensation: Complying with minimum wage laws and ensuring that employees are paid at least the minimum wage or the applicable wage rate for their position.


Soc.Seg Benefits

Generate the monthly contribution statements (L00) or leave not taken (L13), as well as any other retroactive and complementary statements (L02, L03, L90, L91, V90 or V03), and submit them on the spot.


Tax obligations

Withholding and remitting payroll taxes, including income tax, social security contributions, and any other applicable taxes as required by law.



employee self-service app or an employee portal app, is a mobile application designed to provide employees with access to various resources and tools related to their employment. It serves as a centralized platform where employees can perform self-service tasks, access important information, and engage with company resources.


Legislation up to date

When hiring an employee, there are several legal obligations that employers must fulfill. These obligations may vary depending on the country and jurisdiction and the software need to be able to remain up to date.


Technical support

Technical support related to labor or employment software or technology.



New Interface

Redesigned and simplified graphical interfaces can indeed enhance productivity and profitability by improving user experience and making it easier to navigate and utilize the software. Intuitive navigation: A simplified interface can help users quickly find the information and features they need, reducing the time required to perform tasks and increasing overall efficiency. Streamlined workflows: Automated processes integrated into the interface can automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for users to focus on more important and complex work. This automation can lead to increased productivity and reduced manual errors. Enhanced user adoption: A user-friendly interface makes it easier for new users to learn and adapt to the software, reducing the learning curve and increasing user adoption rates. This means employees can start using the software more quickly, maximizing the return on investment. Improved decision-making: The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) can provide intelligent insights and analysis, enabling users to make data-driven decisions more effectively. AI-powered features such as predictive analytics can help identify patterns, trends, and potential opportunities or risks. Increased employee satisfaction: A simplified and visually appealing interface can contribute to a positive user experience, leading to increased employee satisfaction and engagement. Happy and engaged employees are more likely to be productive and contribute to the organization's profitability.

Communicate company contracts/certificates to Contrat@/Certific@ or process accident reports via Delt@.

File contracts, extensions, transformations and/or the basic copy of the contract quickly and easily through instant authomatic. Easily process your certificates to the SEPE or submit periods of activity to regulate the provision of ERTEs.

Create, or modify, accident reports for management and then send them to Delt@.



Telematic Filling sytem

All the tax forms available in the application can be sent directly to the Tax Agency without having to use the AEAT website. With a couple of clicks you will be able to obtain the PDF with the proof of filing instantly.

Direct deposit your Paystuff using the SEPA mandate or ACH

Conveniently pay salaries, special bonuses or collective agreement arrears by automatically generating the SEPA file from the programme and uploading them to your bank for payment.



Choose the tariff that best suits your office, with the advantage of being able to expand as your business grows.

  • 1 User
  • 3 Companies
  • Unlimited workers
  • RED System (Siltra)
  • Model 111-216-190
  • SEPE
  • DELT@
  • Contrat@
  • 3 Users (expandable)
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited workers
  • RED System (Siltra)
  • Model 111-216-190
  • SEPE
  • DELT@
  • Contrat@
  • 10 Users (expandable)
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Unlimited workers
  • RED System (Siltra)
  • Model 111-216-190
  • SEPE
  • DELT@
  • Contrat@
  • Regimes for bullfighting artists and professionals
  • Agricultural system
  • Pay Gap Compensation Record in Excel
  • Cost list in Excel
  • Customised reports
  • Automated backup

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*I.V.A. excluded

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